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April 30th 2018

Kim Jong Un: I’ll give up nukes if US promises to not attack

Libertarians and non interventionists have been pitching this idea for years. The hermit country of North Korea once again like it does every few years is back at the negotiating table talking peace. Should we believe them this time?

U.S. national security adviser John Bolton addressed this concern this Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation”, Bolton said: “Well, we’ve heard this before. This is – the North Korean propaganda playbook is an infinitely rich resource.”

“What we want to see from them is evidence that it’s real and not just rhetoric,” he added.

We’re all waiting on the edge of our seats for that evidence, and if it comes out there’s already talks of President Trump being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. That’d be quite the award for a man who threatened “fire and fury” on the country just a few months ago. He wouldn’t be awarded for that rhetoric of course, he’d be awarded for pulling the roughly 28,500 troops from the region in exchange for North Korea abandoning it’s nuclear program.

The crazy part about this is that Libertarians have been talking about this forever. Ron Paul has been advocating for years that we pull our bases from that region altogether, how crazy is it that President Trump is now the subject of conversation relating to the Nobel Peace Prize because he’s considering a non-interventionist policy.

Some might oppose demilitarizing calling the method an isolationist approach. War hawks and Neo Cons on the left and right will try to keep President Trump from his win and will argue the Kim regime is still dangerous despite any evidence of denuclearization Kim Jong Un might offer. It always seems like there’s someone arguing for more intervention. Military provocation is undoubtedly counter-productive to peace. Some say that’s “isolationist”

The problem with that is North Korea has already been isolated for years. It is isolationist to impose sanctions, to prohibit Americans from doing business, to impede or forbid travel by US citizens to countries with which the US government disagrees. North Korea is isolated in part because our government has isolated it. North Korea threatens to attack South Korea and the United States partly because South Korea and the United States continue to mount very provocative military exercises on North Korea’s border.

If President Trump wants to rack up the awards throughout his presidency, it sure seems like he should start listening to the Pauls.



March 31st 2018

My Letter to the Editor of The Post and Courier

How to solve the political divide: Libertarianism

In a world where JFK cut taxes and then 54 years later a tax cut is being called a “tax scam” by Democrat leaders it seems like we’re missing a pragmatic approach to politics these days with the growth of tribalism where no one wants to concede ground in fear of losing an argument for their team. I remember times where common ground and compromise existed.

Nowadays it feels as if the Republican Party has become the Anti Obama/Hillary party and the Democratic Party has become the Anti Trump party with no real solutions for the American people. Both parties have supported unwarranted domestic spying, both parties have supported blowing out the debt and selling out our grandchildren’s future, both parties refuse to address bankrupt entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare ensuring an inevitable collapse of these programs within the next 7-12 years, and last but not least both parties have supported illegal/unconstitutional wars in the middle east. No, not just Republicans. Democrats too, specifically Obama who authorized 10 times the amount of drone strikes as Bush while bombing 7 different countries.

Are you tired of empty promises of “no more war” by ideologues?

Then join the LP.

The LP doesn’t make everyone happy, but it’s the common sense agenda that JFK himself would have found appealing. Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative. is where you can hear more common sense